Here’s a cool video that can help you navigate the confusing world of toners…  Haha It totally helped me and I just wanted to share it with you guys.


Just a Quick Update 9.13.14
I had a microderm on Thursday and broke out a bit afterwards because of the extractions so here’s what I look like now! Minimal breakouts and just some leftover redness.
Hope you’re all having a MARVELOUS Saturday!!!

Covering Up Acne Makeup Routine | 9. 5.14

Hey guys!  So I posted my makeup routine video today and this is the accompanying blog post.  This is where you can see pictures of the products I use and the links to purchase them if you want!  Hope this and the video are helpful and enjoyable!

The first product is the Dermablend Professionals Smooth Indulgence Concealer in Sand $22 for .3 fl. oz

Second, Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray for Oil Control $30 for 4 fl. oz.

Third, Dermablend Professionals Smooth Indulgence Foundation (re-releasing as Smooth Liquid Camo)* $32 for 1 fl. oz. 

You can find the above foundation at Ulta online here if you don’t want to wait for the new formula.  I have not tried the new formula and my makeup routine includes the older one.

Fourth, NYX HD Studio Photogenic Setting Powder $10 for 0.21 oz.

And lastly, Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in 040 Medium/Deep $10.49 for 0.28 oz.

Hope you’re all having a FANTASTIC day!!!


Face Update 8.29.14
Haha sorry for my awkward face. I had just woken up. Also sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been working a lot and getting my stuff together for school. So I’ve been using this new face wash for acne and it’s been breaking me out. It’s supposed to pull all the acne to the surface so I expected it. So that’s why there’s a few breakouts today. Other than that my skins been pretty nice. I’m planning on getting back into making some YouTube videos so keep an eye out for that.
Hope you’re all doing wonderfully!!!

Anonymous asked:

I have a problem with blackheads in the cheek region below my eyes and the left and right of my nose. Is this just the nesting place of blackheads, or what? No matter what I use, they never go away, and I don't really have them anywhere else besides this area and my nose. Seriously, every skin cell is clogged within this small range.

i personally don’t have an issue with blackheads, but I know that the few times I have had one I have gotten them taken care of while getting a microderm or facial.  I would google a good facial place near you that has good reviews about the whole facial and getting rid of blackheads.  I know it can be kind of expensive, but if you at least try it maybe it will become a once in awhile thing that can lead to getting rid of your blackheads for good.  Hopefully this helps!